All the Wonder has a place for everyone to explore, learn, and connect.

All the Wonder is an exploration group designed specifically with children who are neuro-divergent in mind. If school in the traditional sense didn't support your child's learning needs, and you're doing learning at home, this is the group for you.

We'll meet twice per month (1st and 3rd Friday) at previously determined locations to provide our children with the opportunity to learn, discover and explore alongside peers who experience life in a similar way. Think nature centers, parks, apple orchards, playgrounds and hiking trails.


Explore new and familiar places with peers and families at bi-weekly meet-ups.


Support concepts being taught at home with real life experiences - in active and engaging ways.


Connect with other families supporting the learning and growth of their neuro-divergent children.


There is no membership fee, but there may be admission fees for meet-ups. Families will be responsible for paying fees on their own.

This is not a traditional home school group, but rather, a community of parents looking to create opportunities for our children to socialize and learn in ways that work for them.

Explorer Kids Travelling In The Forest

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